Monday, October 6, 2014

About Myself

This was requested my Derped Squid, so here goes...

Im a 14 year old girl who loves to chill on animal jam. animal jam is my escape from reality and i love it. yeah i know im a bit too old for AJ but oh well :3 My favourite color is WHITE <3 because its a very pure, simple color. my favourite animal on AJ is an arctic Wolf, and in real life i love dogs and hamsters. you get dog people, and you get cat people...


In real life i have long black hair, im tall and i wear alot of black which makes people think im goth or emo, but actually im not. im just a crazy, weirdo girl who is obsessed with pixels.

am i boring you?

i live in south africa, and sometimes i think i am the only south african that plays animal jam. AJ isnt very popular in Africa, so literally nobody but me knows about it 030

if you are still readin this, then thank you for your time, and please leave a comment saying what i should do a post of next, thanks! every comment is appreciated :)

- xxsmile <3

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